I’m Chalita Tesler

Chalita is a well-respected and certified Workplace and Business Coach, recognised for her expertise in providing empowering guidance to individuals on a quest to unveil their true purpose and achieve lasting fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.

With a proven track record in business governance and risk management across private and public sectors, Chalita’s insights stem from diverse backgrounds that blends business acumen with spiritual wisdom.  Chalita is adept at helping clients manifest their dream lives by aiding them in releasing past traumas, dismantling obstacles, and reshaping limiting beliefs through transformational healing modalities and approaches.

She employs a blend of holistic and practical methods that transcend conventional approaches and expedite shifts with lasting impact. Chalita’s achievements in both personal and professional domains serve as an inspiration for her to give back. Her commitment is to guide individuals embrace a life infused with purpose, profound meaning and authentic connections.

Chalita’s recent speaking engagements have centered on sought-after subjects such as “Cultivating Growth and Gratitude” and “Harnessing the Power of Mind over Matter to Manifest New Realities.” She is also a highly regarded guest on podcasts, engaging in discussions that spotlight unlocking untapped potential.

Experience the transformational journey with Chalita, as she imparts her profound wisdom and knowledge to ignite positive change and help you manifest the dream life you are destined to live.

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