Emotional Release + Reset

How would you like to release any past trauma that is holding you back?

An Emotional Release and Reset session with Chalita can help you expediate healing by transforming old energetic blockages empowering you to breath in new life, new energy and allowing you to become Emotionally FREE!

Benefits of the Emotional Release & Reset Session may include:

  • Release repressed or unwanted memories and feelings.
  • Experience less stress, overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Resolve and breakthrough current fears, limiting beliefs and challenges.
  • Help you control your emotional response to triggers.
  • Remove years of negative self-talk.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Shift your mindset.

Ready for your transformation and new beginning?

This 90-minute session includes Reiki, Sound healing and Aura Soma Colour therapy. You will experience intense release through deep healing and profound transformation.

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Transformational Coaching

Join Chalita for these 1:1 private coaching sessions designed to help you grow, develop, and empower you to live your fullest life!

Through your private coaching sessions with Chalita you will receive a combination of knowledge, skills, and attributes creating a profound transformative experience for you to realign and live your dreams!

Benefits of 1:1 Coaching with Chalita include:

  • Discovering your purpose.
  • Understanding your talents, motivators, dreams and fears.
  • Releasing any blocks that may be holding you back from success.
  • Design a strategy towards transformation.
  • Shifting to an empowered perspective and mindset.
  • Accountability and support through your transformational journey.
  • Learning to take action with confidence.
  • Designing your own terms for success and happiness. 

Ready to partner with Chalita and design the exceptional future you want?

Transformation coaching sessions can be online (Zoom) or in person, these sessions will be supportive, interactive and fun.

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Manifestation Mastermind

Do you want to experience freedom, abundance & joy in every single area of your life?

Through numerous manifestation practices, mindset tools and teachings, Chalita will show you how to consciously manifest in order to create a life you truly desire! Manifestation Mastermind sessions with Chalita will include the use of numerous modalities, including Kinesiology, Sound Healing and energy medicine to teach you how to manifest your true intention(s).

Manifestation Mastermind with Chalita will empower you to:

  • Learn the energetic foundations of manifestation.
  • Understand how to set powerful intentions that get results.
  • Transmute limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Learn how to rewire energetic blocks and self-imposed limitations.
  • Create consistent daily practices supporting your vision.
  • Learn how to shift into a mindset of abundance and self-awareness.
  • Shift your energetic vibration & frequency to align with your goals.

Ready to know what happens when you combine manifestation + action?

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